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CAS Information and Hours


If you need to log CAS hours in your ManageBac account, click below and read through the instructions. Then click the ManageBac link and log in using your credentials. 

Step 1. Click Here Go to ManageBac.com to log hours

Step 2. Create Activity in Managebac.

  • Name of Activity (ie. Metropolitan Ministries)

  • Type of Activity: (C/A/S)

  • Estimated number of hours: 8

  • Description of Activity

  • Supervisor name and EMAIL: – it currently defaults to the homeroom teacher if nothing is entered for the supervisor—please be cognizant that a valid name and email addressed is preferred and/or a telephone number. The supervisor cannot be a relative.

  • Dates of activities—start and end date. All activities that are ongoing must end at the end of the semester and be re-started next semester or summer. All documentation must exist for each extension of the activity.

  • Which learning outcomes will be met and is it part of your project.

Step 3. REFLECTIONS/EVIDENCE: Completing Activities:

Under the reflections/evidence tab, the following must be completed: You must include evidence of planning and organization, commitment, active reflection, personal development, and achievement in the reflections section of your activity. To guide your reflections consider the following during the stages of your activity:

  • What did you perceive and notice?

  • How did you feel being involved?
    What do you think and feel about the activity itself? What does the activity mean to you?

  • What value does the activity have?

  • Photo Caption

  • What did you learn from this activity and how might you use this to apply to any lesson to your life in general?

  • Additionally—focus on:
    I increased awareness of my strengths and areas where I have potential

  • for growth when I…
    I undertook new challenges when I…;

  • I planned and initiated activities when I…
    I worked collaboratively with others when I…
    I demonstrated perseverance and commitment when I… I engaged in issues of global importance when I…
    I developed new skills when I…

  • You need to upload evidence:
    Time logs for anything over a day

Creative evidence (proof of product) – upload pictures of you working on or competing or a finished product or a video of a performance.


Once evidence and reflection are presented, you MUST SEND the supervisor review by requesting it from the worksheet main page. YOU NEED TO CALL OR EMAIL OR TEXT YOUR SUPERVISOR to let them know an email is coming from Managebac to complete the process. You can not send the supervisor review the day before the prescribed due date.


For more information about Creativity, Activity, Service in the International Baccalaureate Programme, click here.