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Frequently Asked IB Questions

What Is IB?

IB stands for International Baccalaureate Program.  IB is a rigorous, liberal arts program that offers a top-level education in more than 2,000 schools and in 138 countries.  Please visit www.ibo.org for more general information regarding IB schools.  At the HHS IB program, students receive college level instruction and can earn college credits through their AP and IB classes.  IB is recognized and respected by colleges and universities, including Ivy League schools.

Who should consider applying for the IB program?

The HHS IB program is designed to prepare students for college. Students who like an academic challenge and want to be highly prepared for college should apply for the IB program.  In addition, students who like to learn, have been successful in school, and have college aspirations, especially Ivy League schools, would benefit from the IB program.


What advantages does the IB program offer?

IB is the best college/university preparatory program in the area.  While dual enrollment and other AP classes are available at surrounding schools, universities and colleges value IB as the most rigorous high school curriculum.  In fact, many colleges exclusively recruit students from the HHS IB program and only visit our school when in the area.

The IB program challenges students in both their strengths and weaknesses, while instilling the benefits of being a well-rounded individual.  IB provides a “private school” education in a public school setting with like-minded students for no cost.  All registration and exams fees are paid for by the district which equals thousands of dollars per student.

We hear that students have “no life” outside of school – is that true?

While it is true that to be successful in the IB program, a student must put in more effort than a traditional program.  Homework and studying is approximately 2-3 hours per night.  Many assignments are long term so students are able to manage their time accordingly. One goal of the IB program is to create a well rounded individual so students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of outside interests.  95% of the IB students are active members in 2 or more clubs/sports.  If you have this concern, ask current IB students if they have a life outside of school.

What are the requirements to remain in the program?

The minimum GPA is a 2.5 UNWEIGHTED.  Students are placed on probation (for the semester) if they fall below a 2.5 UNWEIGHTED GPA.  If they fail to raise their UNWEIGHTED GPA (by the following semester) to a 2.5 UNWEIGHTED or higher they will not be able to remain in the HHS IB Programme.  Students withdrawn from HHS IB will have to enroll in their regularly assigned zoned high traditional high school.

Is tutoring available?

Yes, Please click below to see the current tutoring schedule:

 2019-2020 Tutoring Schedule

How many community service hours are required for IB students?

Aside from strongly preparing students for college, one of the goals of the IB program is to assist students in becoming more well-rounded.

CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) is a step above community service.  IB students are required to complete 50 hours their freshman and sophomore years with an additional 150 hours to be accrued by the middle of senior year.

CAS is designed to help students find an area they are passionate about serving which has lead students to discover their future aspirations.  

Click here for more information regarding CAS.